15+ Terrific Transition Ideas!

15 transition ideas EYFS KS1 KS2

Transition time! Good news is, that means it’s almost the end of term, bad news is, you have to say goodbye to your old class. This also means that it’s time to get to get to know your new class and find out what makes them tick so you’re all ready for September. Read on for our favourite transition ideas – tested and used by real teachers!

EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Transition Ideas

Transition Pupil Passport Activity Booklet
Transition Pupil Passport Activity Booklet


transition mindfulness colouring pages


    • Always popular, our transition mindfulness colouring pages are great for a bit of downtime, and reflection on the past year, as well as thinking about the year ahead. Works for all ages too.
    End of Year Editable Pupil Name and Year Poster
    End of Year Editable Pupil Name and Year Poster

    transition self portrait with glasses

    • A gorgeous original eBook story, completely editable, and suitable for EYFS and KS1, our Rose Learns About Transition Story is designed to soothe and reassure children who may be nervous, or curious about what transition involves. Tailor it to your class!

    Transition story ebook powerpoint

    Starting School Activity - EYFS
    Starting School Activity – EYFS

    KS1 transition booklet

    • If you’re a KS2 teacher, we also have a super useful KS2 transition booklet packed full of fun and useful activities, ideal for years 3, 4 and 5.

    KS2 Transition Booklet

    • My personal favourite, All About Me Art Activity, really inclusive and “a bit different” to your usual transition activity ideas. Each sheet has a different design and is split into segments which are also numbered. Each number then has a question that the children have to answer through drawing!
    • Make a Transition All About Me Minibook! These minibooks are super cute and kids absolutely love doing them!

    all about me transition mini book

    If you’re not sure how to do the folds, watch our helpful instructional video!

    • We’ve made some really useful and original Transition Activity Sheets (also available in black and white) which are great for ages 5  – 8 and come in lots of different designs. Ask children to draw a picture of themselves and write a few words about last year and the year ahead. For less able children, ask them to work in pairs with a more able child who can do some scribing on their behalf.

    Transition worksheets

    • For older children, ask them to write a letter to you as their teacher, introducing themselves in a more formal style. Write key words on the board for them to use and you can also use this is a chance to use exciting openers, adjectives and the like! You can use our Writing Frames for this as well to make it all a bit more colourful.
    • Fancy getting crafty? Make an All About Me Paper Plate Craft using our handy template. We also have a The Greatest Showman All About Me version too!
    Transition paper plate craft
    All about me paper plate craft
    • Play a game – ask the children to write three facts about themselves, making one up. Go round the class and ask them to read out each fact and guess which one is false. Great ice breaker!
    • Make an All About Me Chatterbox – also known as fortune tellers and cootie catchers. Each child has to write facts about themselves inside and ask other children – or their teacher – to guess. Or ask children to create them for each other!
    Transition day chatterbox
    Transition day chatterbox
    • Make birthday cards! Ask children to make either a random birthday card for anyone, or something specific for another member of the class. Then when a birthday comes up, then can choose a card from the box. Really nice positive activity!
    • Create a shield or crest. Ask children to design their own personal shield (look at Harry Potter for examples!) that really encapsulates them. Great for display for the new term as well!

    Personal crest worksheet

    • Jigsaw display. Ask each child to complete one part of the jigsaw each (you can use our Transition Jigsaw Activity for this) then put it together to make an instant display!
    transition all about me jigsaw display
    transition all about me jigsaw display
    • Write your class rules – together (you can use our class rules template here)! Give out large sheets and thick felt tips and ask children to work in table groups to come up with 5 class rules. Keep them positive (DO rather than DON’T) and then come together to agree on 5 that everyone is happy with. Great positive start to the new term!
    • Come up with a class contract that everyone signs. Ask children to work on whiteboards to come up with some ideas for how they expect their class to behave – things like tidy up after themselves, handing in homework on time, doing what is asked of them and how they want adults to behave too. Sign and laminate!
    • Another great idea if you also want to create something for display is to make All About Me Bunting on transition day!
    All about me bunting
    All about me bunting
    • Ask children to apply for class jobs! Show children a list of classroom monitor jobs and ask children to apply for the jobs saying why they think they’d be good at it. Do little mock interviews and appoint based on suitability for the role.
    • If it’s your own class you are handing over, don’t forget our cute end of term presents – all part of the transition process. We’ve got Pupil Keyring Gift inserts, Pupil Bookmark Gifts and lots of really nice Certificates too!

    end of year class gift ideas

    • Another great transition activity and end of year gift all in one, are our class photo frames! Ask children to decorate a frame for another child, insert a class photo, laminate, and you’re done!

    End of Year Class Photoframe - A3


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