Classroom Display Ideas

Reading Corner Classroom Ideas

Book corner ideas for primary

I’m a great believer in savouring the summer holidays as long as possible, but I do have to say that making my classroom look beautiful was always a pretty cathartic experience for me, even if it couldn’t look beautiful for very long! But that’s the thing, children like to USE things, and inevitably with that use, comes an element of destruction. Nonetheless, coming up with ideas for your class reading corner or reading area can be quite challenging – you want to do something different to last year, something creative and inspiring, but either on a tight budget or for free – and where do you start? Luckily, we’ve got a selection of book corner ideas you are going to love – and that can easily be replicated in your own classroom. Let’s get started (all photos used with permission by the way). Book Corner Inspiration! We spotted these reading…    read more 

Classroom Must Haves

Classroom must haves

One of the questions we get asked quite frequently both as teachers and resource providers is – what are my classroom must haves? Obviously this differs between age groups, but we thought it might be useful to provide a sort of definitive list of some essentials you need for your classroom, especially useful if you are an NQT or just looking for some new ideas! Some of these resources we have, some we are making in time for the new year, and some are non printables. Either way, hopefully you will find something useful here. Classroom Management Essentials Common exception word mats -laminated and put on each table, especially for years 1 and year 2.  Maths and English working wall display. A visual timetable. Some sort of calendar display – especially for KS1. Conjunctions displayed on the wall (coming soon!). Wipe clean number lines to 100. Bead strings Class set…    read more 

How to Make an Obb and Bob Phonics Sorting Game

Obb and Bob Phonics sorting game

Phonics games are fun! And here’s one that’s super easy to make both for teachers and parents at home with their own children. We’ve put together an Obb and Bob Phonics Sorting Game resource pack for you to try, either for preparation for the Phonics Screening Check or just for consolidation in your phonics sessions.  The pack contains “stickers” that can be cut out and stuck onto a suitable mini bin, as well as word cards to be used during the game. It’s worth noting that these particular words are taken from the previous two years year 1 Phonics Screening Checks. Instructions 1. Purchase two mini bins – you can either choose the same colour or two contrasting colours – it’s up to you! I chose two different colours as I thought they would look better in photos. These two came from B and Q (though perplexingly they are not…    read more 

The Greatest Showman Classroom Resources!

the greatest showman resources

I was sitting on a flight recently and had the chance to watch “The Greatest Showman” for the very first time. I find watching films quite difficult as I can’t seem to bear any suspense whatsoever, and this film was no exception, but I stuck with it as I knew it had a really powerful message and was worth the suspense. If anyone hasn’t seen The Greatest Showman yet, first of all, you really should, and secondly, it has a really amazing message about perseverance, grit, determination, inclusion, celebrating our uniqueness (and sameness) and much more. Straight away I thought – this is perfect for the classroom, as surely these are all values that we want to pass onto our children? So with that in mind, we’ve made some already SUPER POPULAR The Greatest Showman classroom resources just for you! Just a note, these resources took many many (wo)man hours…    read more