What to Do With Leftover Pumpkin Seeds?

what to do with pumpkin seeds

This year we have had a PLETHORA of spare pumpkin – and squash seeds and I just hate the idea of wasting them! Squash (or gourd) is one of my favourite foods, and we were lucky that this year, Aldi chose to sell a ruckload of them for 39p each. I bought 10. But this left me with a HUGE amount of seeds, and so I turned to #TeamMactivity to see if anyone had any wise words of advice for what to do with them, and guess what, they had some CRACKING ideas. Here they are! What to do with pumpkin seeds Olivia said, “Dry out the seeds and colour them in food dye. Either used for sensory play or to make instruments e.g. shakers. Adam said, “Keep them and plant them next year. Then the kids can carve their own pumpkins that they’ve grown themselves.” Debbie said, “Leave them…    read more 

Easy Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Halloween party food ideas

Everyone loves Halloween in our house, it’s a great opportunity to get friends together and for the kids to have fun too. We’ve put together some Halloween recipe ideas, Halloween games and Halloween crafts that are super easy to do and best of all, kids and adults love! Halloween Party Food Ideas Try our toffee apple recipe to make a perfect Halloween treat. Make a pumpkin face crudite bowl using carrots, cucumber, grapes and rice cake! Remember to chop those grapes in half length ways for little ones. Make your very own spooky Halloween mummy fingers – this is definitely a big hit with adults too – they are simply delicious! Halloween Party Games and Activities for Kids pin the nose on the pumpkin. a “chocolate eye” and spoon race. hide then find the “chocolate eyes”. apple bobbing pumpkin stomp (literally bursting orange balloons). pumpkin carving competition (try our pumpkin…    read more 

Spooky Mummy Fingers Recipe

mummy fingers recipe for halloween

This spooky mummy fingers recipe is a really fun and tasty addition to any Halloween party. It’s so easy to do as well, and adds a definite WOW factor to your Halloween party table. It also uses less pastry than a traditional sausage roll recipe – so you could even say it’s slightly healthy (!). Ingredients for spooky mummy fingers recipe an egg, whisked chipolata sausages a pack of puff pastry Method Roll out the pastry on a floured surface until it is a little thinner. Cut the pastry into strips, about half a cm thick. You need one strip per sausage so make sure the strip is long enough. Ideally you need fairly thin sausages, or else they will take ages to cook! Wrap the sausages in the pastry, leaving gaps as you go. You could leave a space for a “face” at the top if you prefer. A…    read more 

How to Make Toffee Apples

It’s toffee apple season! And in accordance to the law of Autumn, we’ve been happily munching through toffee apples like there’s no tomorrow! I’m assuming that toffee apples were invented as a way of getting rid of slightly over ripe apples in an appealing way, and let me tell you – I’m a huge fan! So in preparation for our Halloween party last night, I decided to make our own toffee apples! Luckily we have our very own apple tree in the garden, so we were able to make use of applies that perhaps aren’t flavoursome enough to eat on their own. As a little task, I sent our three year old daughter out into the garden to pick some applies from the lowest branches. I am guessing that certain apples – probably non waxy ones, are probably better for toffee apples, but I think it’s one of those things…    read more