Transition Day Art Activity Sheets

Transition Day Art Activity Sheets

Get ready for transition with these Transition Day Art Activity Sheets! Each sheet has a different design and is split into segments which are also numbered. Each number then has a question that the children have to answer through drawing! Genius! Also great for children who aren’t so keen on writing or are just exhausted at the end of a long year. This is great for your new class on transition day, and also as a first week of term activity. You could also use it with your old class as a nice winding down activity during the last few weeks of term. Includes:-

  • unicorn poster
  • car poster
  • dinosaur poster
  • t shirt poster

and more!

These art activity sheets are also great for using at home with your own children – challenge them to use different art mediums – paint, crayons, coloured pencils, felt tips etc, to bring their poster to life and really personalise. Brilliant!

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