World Book Day Activity Ideas

world book day activities

Are you looking for World Book Day activity ideas, or perhaps World Book Day ideas for KS1 and KS2? We’ve done a round up of our favourite ideas that are easy and do-able for all abilities.

World Book Day Classroom Activities

World Book Day is a great excuse to get off timetable and really celebrate a love of reading – which I believe is the cornerstone of ALL learning. Encouraging a love of reading really is essential, and as a class teacher I would sit and read my own book whilst my class were reading, to emphasise that reading is a life long pleasure. Here are our favourite World Book day activities and ideas, not just for World Book Day but for general fun book related learning!

We’ve got some great resources for World Book Day Activity ideas right here, including our World Book Day book review template – create a big book of book reviews from the whole class so that children can read the thoughts of other children before they choose a book.

book review template world book day

Children can also take part in a book scavenger hunt as part of your live lessons! Whilst they’re reading a book or listening to a story that you’re telling, ask them to tick off the things on the list that they see or hear about in the story.

world book day book scavenger hunt
Home Learning Book Scavenger Hunt

World Book Day Mini-book

Challenge children to complete their own “zine” or mini book as part of World Book Day with our World Book Day mini-book template.

World Book Day Book Reading Mini Book
World Book Day Book Reading Mini Book

Children can take part in a school-wide reading challenge, noting the book they read each day.

If you’re looking for something a bit more free-flow, children can create their own zine/mini book just like the Brontes used to with our blank mini-book template. Can they write their own story and illustrate themselves, aimed at other children (writing for purpose).

mini book template

World Book Day Character Masks

Children could also make their very own World Book Day masks about their favourite book characters using our book mask template.

World Book Day Character Masks
World Book Day Character Masks

World Book Day Word Hunt

Take part in a World Book Day word hunt – a brilliant whole school world book day idea.

world book day word activity worksheet
world book day word activity worksheet

Design your own book cover for kids is also a fun activity for World Book day.

World Book Day Design a Book Cover
World Book Day Design a Book Cover

Make Gruffalo crumble like Mummy 2 Twindividuals.

Gruffalo crumble recipe
Photocredit: Mummy 2 Twindividuals
  • Jenny from The Gingerbread House said, “They could choose their favourite book and decorate the classroom door.”
  • Lauren from Sophie’s Nursery said, “Take the first line of a group favourite book (e.g. a fairy tale or a Julia Donaldson story) and then ask the children to come up with their own endings. This could be adapted to age so they can either write the ending, act it out, draw it, talk about it etc.”
  • Josie from Me, Them and the Others said, ” I’ve done messy play with porridge oats and a Goldilocks theme and made gingerbread play dough for a “Cant catch me I’m the gingerbread man” theme.
  • Kirsty from The Moneysaving Mum said, “They could all dress up as various different characters of a book 🤷🏻‍♀️ and act a scene out? Or just act a scene without getting dressed up and someone else has to guess the book 🙂 that sounds easier (& cheaper!)

World Book Day Bookmarks

World Book Day bookmarks! We have loads to choose from – take a look at our printable bookmarks for kids here.

end of term bookmarks for kids

Use our free writing frames for free flow story writing – the old fashioned way!

free writing frames

Make a BFG Dream Jar from Red Kite Days.

big dream jar
Photo credit: Red Kite Days.

Make a paper plate puppet show to retell your favourite story – here’s our craft puppet show for inspiration!

website preview Spring Puppets Circle

Make origami book marks! From our friends at Red Ted Art.

world book day bookmarks
Photo credit: Red Ted Art

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