I was sitting on a flight recently and had the chance to watch “The Greatest Showman” for the very first time. I find watching films quite difficult as I can’t seem to bear any suspense whatsoever, and this film was no exception, but I stuck with it as I knew it had a really powerful message and was worth the suspense. If anyone hasn’t seen The Greatest Showman yet, first of all, you really should, and secondly, it has a really amazing message about perseverance, grit, determination, inclusion, celebrating our uniqueness (and sameness) and much more. Straight away I thought – this is perfect for the classroom, as surely these are all values that we want to pass onto our children? So with that in mind, we’ve made some already SUPER POPULAR The Greatest Showman classroom resources just for you! Just a note, these resources took many many (wo)man hours…    read more