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Letters and Sounds phonics resources! Time-saving online phonics resources aligned with the progression of Letters and Sounds.

Phonics resources for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Our phonics resources cover phases 1 through to the end of phase 5, and follow the sequence of progression set out in the Letters and Sounds framework. Resources include: decodable phonics books, phonics games for the classroom, phonics play ideas, handwriting resources, letter formation resources and spelling resources, Phonics Family resources, tricky word and common exception word resources, phonics activity mats, phonics assessments, phoneme spotter resources, split digraph resources,  phonics friezes, banners and flashcards, and more! Build reading confidence and fluency with well-planned, time-saving phonics resources developed by phonics specialist teachers. We also have a range of KS2 phonics resources, designed with older children in mind, with age-appropriate images and designs.

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