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Rhyme Town - a fully planned 8 week pre-reading & pre-writing scheme for Nursery and Reception aged children based around nursery rhymes. Letters and Sounds Phase 1

Each week, you can find a Rhyme Town lesson pack containing a lesson plan for 5 pre-reading and 5 pre-writing lessons, a weekly presentation that takes you through the lessons, and all accompanying resources.  This scheme is designed to be delivered by both newly qualified and experienced teachers and practitioners and explains everything step-by-step to give you confidence!

Rhyme Town lasts for 8 weeks, but you can revisit and review the scheme throughout the whole year, or use it in the first term of Reception. It can also be used as an intervention programme for older children who need extra support with phase 1 and readiness to write.

Rhyme Town includes…

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What our other Letters and Sounds phase 1  resources cover

We also have a range of Letters and Sounds phase 1 resources and pre-writing mark making that are not part of our scheme, but can also be used to help children make progress. This includes our phase 1 activities, phase 1 phonics games, phase 1 silly soup provocation, phase 1 alliteration cards,  phase 1 quick games, and our pattern tracing template.

What are the phase 1 sounds?

Phase One phonics focuses on developing children’s speaking and listening skills, phonological awareness, and oral blending and segmenting. There is no specific focus on learning individual sounds like you see in phase 2, phase 1 is more about developing the foundational pre-reading skills. Phase 1 is intended to be part of a broad and rich language curriculum, linking language with play, hands-on, practical experiences and giving children the chance to engage with lots of books and reading materials. with speaking and listening at its heart. If phase 1 has been covered sufficiently and correctly, it creates the perfect foundation for the rest of phonics and learning to read and write.

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