This year we have had a PLETHORA of spare pumpkin – and squash seeds and I just hate the idea of wasting them! Squash (or gourd) is one of my favourite foods, and we were lucky that this year, Aldi chose to sell a ruckload of them for 39p each. I bought 10. But this left me with a HUGE amount of seeds, and so I turned to #TeamMactivity to see if anyone had any wise words of advice for what to do with them, and guess what, they had some CRACKING ideas. Here they are! What to do with pumpkin seeds Olivia said, “Dry out the seeds and colour them in food dye. Either used for sensory play or to make instruments e.g. shakers. Adam said, “Keep them and plant them next year. Then the kids can carve their own pumpkins that they’ve grown themselves.” Debbie said, “Leave them…    read more