Reading Corner Classroom Ideas

Book corner ideas for primary

I’m a great believer in savouring the summer holidays as long as possible, but I do have to say that making my classroom look beautiful was always a pretty cathartic experience for me, even if it couldn’t look beautiful for very long! But that’s the thing, children like to USE things, and inevitably with that use, comes an element of destruction. Nonetheless, coming up with ideas for your class reading corner or reading area can be quite challenging – you want to do something different to last year, something creative and inspiring, but either on a tight budget or for free – and where do you start? Luckily, we’ve got a selection of book corner ideas you are going to love – and that can easily be replicated in your own classroom. Let’s get started (all photos used with permission by the way). And don’t forget to explore our reading area resources too!

Reading Corner Classroom Ideas

We spotted these reading area ideas by KS1 teacher Kerry Foster and thought they looked super creative!

Reading corner area ideas

Book area ideas

We love this reading zone idea from Gemma Parkinson – this was for her NQT year last corner idea

This reading corner idea from Rachel Lianne we thought was really inspiring – and cosy too!

Reading gives you wings display idea

Inspiration from Rebecca Cummins – love the rug!

classroom book corner ideas

Another cosy book corner idea, this time from Emma Louise.

cosy book corner ideas

We love this sparkly idea from Karen Bengough.

reading corner display ideas

This looks like paradise! From year 1 teacher Amy Mackin.

year 1 reading corner ideas

Cathy Stephans has this colourful reading corner idea inspired by Dr Zeus!

Dr Zeus inspired reading corner

A red riding hood inspired reading corner from Chloe Nolan.

red riding hood reading corner

These reading area ideas from teacher Lucy are inspiring!

Reading area display ideas

Reading area teepee ideas

Book corner resources 

If you’re looking for reading area instant display packs – then we can help!

Check out our reading area prompts and questions.

Reading area resources

Just perfect, our “we love reading” poster – perfect for motivating and inspirating children!

Our reading nook instant display pack is so quick and easy to make, and one of our most popular display packs! 

The Reading Nook Reading Tree Instant Display Pack

If you’re looking for a more floral feel, our reading garden display banner is just the ticket!

reading garden display banner

Perfect for an instant reading area display – our story signposts display pack!

story signposts reading area display

Another instant display! Our reading garden instant display pack.

reading garden instant display pack

Join Mrs Mactivity to access all of these resources and more! 


  1. What are some budget-friendly options for creating a reading corner?Budget-friendly options for creating a reading corner might include repurposing existing furniture or materials, seeking donations from parents or local businesses, or utilising DIY projects such as homemade bookshelves or cosy seating areas made from inexpensive materials.

  2. How can teachers ensure that the reading corner remains engaging and inviting for children throughout the school year?
    Teachers can ensure that the reading corner remains engaging and inviting for pupils by regularly rotating books and materials to keep them fresh and interesting. They can also involve children in the process by allowing them to suggest books or decorations for the reading corner, creating a sense of ownership and investment in the space.

  3. Are there any specific strategies or activities recommended for promoting a love of reading within the reading corner?
    To promote a love of reading within the reading corner, teachers can incorporate activities such as author studies, book-themed crafts, or interactive read-aloud sessions. They can also provide opportunities for pupils to share their favourite books with their peers, fostering a sense of community and enthusiasm for reading.

  4. How can teachers accommodate pupils with diverse reading abilities within the reading corner?
    Teachers can accommodate pupils with diverse reading abilities by providing a range of books at different reading levels, including picture books, early readers, and chapter books. Additionally, they can offer audio books or reading buddy programs where more advanced readers can support those who may need extra assistance.

  5. Are there any safety considerations to keep in mind when setting up a reading corner in the classroom?Yes, safety is important when creating a reading corner. Teachers should ensure that the area is well-lit to prevent eye strain, that furniture is arranged to allow for easy movement and access to emergency exits, and that any decorations or materials used are non-toxic and age-appropriate. It’s also important to regularly inspect the reading corner for any hazards such as loose cords or sharp edges, and to establish clear rules for behaviour to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all pupils.

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