Easter Activities

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How to Make an Easter Pop Up Card

Easter pop up card

It’s Easter time – and we’ve lots of Easter craft cards to choose from – but if you want to make your own, we’ve got some instructions for you to follow to make the best and easiest Easter card EVER! You can choose to either download our Easter pop up card template – DOWNLOAD HERE – or you can draw your own designs and use plain card. The choice is yours! How…    read more 

How to Make Easter Baskets out of Paper


One of the questions we get asked a lot at Mrs Mactivity is about our paper crafts – and this Easter, we are getting a lot of people asking the same thing – how to make Easter baskets out of paper. A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to run a workshop at the incredible Childcare Expo in London, and met lots of lovely Early Years practitioners and teachers and guess what we…    read more 

Easter Activities for Children

Easter activities for children

Easter resources are so fun to make, and we love this time of year – there are just so many fun Easter crafts and activities that we can make – and we know children love them too. We’ve put together a list of our favourite fun Easter activities just for you – save time, be creative, have fun! Our Easter Lego STEM Challenge Cards are a great activity for all ages over…    read more 

5 Super Easy Easter Craft Ideas!

Easy Easter craft ideas

We know hard difficult it is to come up with fun creative ideas that either a whole class can do, or that you can do at home with your own kids. Being quite an uncreative person myself, I decided to look for some mega easy ideas for Easter craft that absolutely anyone can do! No expertise required whatsoever. Ready to get started?  Just click on the link on each craft to see…    read more 

Easter Cardboard Tube Print Card

Easter cardboard tube print card

Everyone loves a bit of printing – it’s easy, fun and anyone can do it! Preschoolers are especially fond of printing, and if you can do it with things lying round the house, so much the better. Today we’re sharing with you an idea for an Easter craft, that you can do easily with a cardboard tube. We cut a kitchen roll in half for the purposes of today’s craft, and you…    read more 

Easter Chick Plate Craft

Easter Chick plate craft

Who doesn’t like Easter chicks? They’re cute, yellow and mean that warmer weather is on the way – yay! Today we’re going to show you how to make a really cute and very very easy Easter Chick Plate Craft, this is a really good one for preschoolers as it involves scrunching up crepe paper, which younger ones love! (don’t forget we’ve got loads of ready made Easter resources as well!) Here’s what…    read more 

Easter Bunny Cardboard Tube Craft

Easter bunny cardboard tube craft

Easter fun for everyone! We’re bringing you a series of blog posts showing you just how EASY crafting can be, and how literally anyone can do it, you just need to have a go! Today we’re showing you how to make this really cute and very easy Easter Bunny Cardboard Tube Craft. Don’t forget we also have a range of ready made Easter resources that you can just download and print as well.)…    read more 

Easter Bunny Stick Craft

Easter bunny from craft sticks

It’s been a crafty sort of day today! And we’re full of ideas of how to make really cute and very easy Easter crafts for everyone. This one really couldn’t be simpler, and it’s also good for those fine motor skills, picking up the bits and bobs and getting them in the right position. (don’t forget we’ve also got some ready make Easter resources right here!) Here’s what you need:- 2 craft…    read more 

Easter Bunny Face Plate Craft

Easter bunny paper plate craft idea

Easter is one of my favourite time of years, not least because it gives me an opportunity to get really crafty, and at the same time eat a LOT of chocolate. I used to think that crafts were for only really creative people, or people with lots of time on their hands, but as long as you’ve got some basic materials, it’s actually really easy, and it’s also a good opportunity to…    read more