How to Teach Your Child at Home During School Closures

Children's Life Skills Learning Activities

These are unprecedented times and with school closures happening today in the UK, following school closures in Ireland and other countries, parents are naturally asking how they will ensure learning at home whilst schools are closed due to Covid-19. It’s very easy to become quickly overwhelmed as there is a lot of information flying about and lots of posts about homeschooling on social media, but first and foremost cut yourself some slack. Nothing terrible is going to happen if you don’t have your child learning all day every day, in fact, they probably only need a few hours every day just to keep things ticking over. If you’re home working it will make learning even more difficult to implement. Go easy on yourself, these times are hard enough as it is and emotions are running high. Most schools will of course be providing work for children to complete at home…    read more 

24 Days of No Mess Christmas Activity Ideas

24 days of no mess Christmas Crafts

Advent is almost here, and with it the chance to do lots of fun festive crafts to get ready for Christmas! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 24 days of no mess Christmas craft and activity ideas suitable for both home and school, that anyone can do! With the cold weather outside, spend some quality time together preparing your own Christmas crafts and decorations to make your home or Christmas display look absolutely splendid without getting glitter everywhere. Most of these ideas are low prep and low cost or free, with items you already have at home. Easy peasy and fun Christmas ideas for each day of Advent – or whenever you like! Day 1 Make your own Advent Calendar with our super easy template! Make a kindness calendar, or draw pictures behind each window. Day 2 Make an elf cupcake liner craft from The Gingerbread House….    read more 

Phonics Play Ideas

phonics games and activities

Coming up with Phonics play ideas is actually easier than it sounds! Since children who are learning phonics are usually in the 3-7 age range, it also makes total sense to make any phonics learning activities as fun and playful as possible. But how to do it – how can you make phonics fun and ensure that learning takes place too? We’ve come up with some great ideas that might help! Since the arrival of letters and sounds a few years ago, there have been various approaches to phonics, and we’re excited to announce that we will very shortly be launching our new fun phonics games, fun phonics activities and much more! Keep an eye on our Phonics resources to be the first in the know What is phonics? For the uninitiated – what is phonics? Put simply, it is a systematic approach to learning to read, write and spell words….    read more 

Phonics Scheme of Work

Mrs Mactivity phonics scheme

Are you looking for an exciting, hands on, child centred Phonics Scheme of Work for your school, setting or home? Then we’ve got you covered! Mrs Mactivity have been busy creating a phonics scheme starting with phase 1 phonics, giving you a weekly and daily breakdown of phonics activities and sounds for each day. Our phonics scheme of work for primary schools is aimed as a letters and sounds phonics scheme, to be used in Early Years and KS1, going from phase 1 right up to phase 6. The phonics sounds have been split into sets to be taught right from the beginning of phase 1, introducing tricky words and spellings alongside the phonics scheme of work. Our phonics scheme can be used as stand alone phonics resources, or be used alongside the phonics scheme you are already using, as well as with any reading books that comply with letters and…    read more 



Is your child’s imagination constantly running away with them? Are they always drawing on any scrap of paper they can find? After receiving 1,000+ amazing entries and over 20,000 votes last year, the competition that gives budding young artists a chance to let their creativity shine is now open for 2019. This summer, the BIC® KIDS Young Artist Award is giving proud parents across the UK and Republic of Ireland the opportunity to see their child’s drawings graduate from the fridge door to billboards! Open to all 5 to 11-year-olds, entrants are encouraged to exercise their artistic flair, let their imaginations run wild and draw with complete freedom. Entrants should draw a landscape piece on plain A4 paper, use pencils, pens and/or crayons and not draw any famous characters or logos to be eligible to win. Judges will award points for everything from creativity and use of colour, to composition…    read more 

Half Term Activity Ideas for Kids

Half Term Activity Ideas

It’s half term – and that means the kids are off school, and you might be looking for ways to entertain the kids that don’t cost the earth, and preferably have some educational value too. Don’t worry, we’ve already thought of that! We’ve got some ideas that will keep the kids entertained for hours, and even provide an opportunity to spend some quality time together – should you so wish. Half Term Activity Ideas Craft craft CRAFT! Kids love it, it’s fun, cheap, doesn’t involve getting muddy (though getting muddy is fun sometimes!) and adults can join in too! Spend quality time together, make memories! Or think about saving the world, colour in, dot to dot – so many options! We made this 20 Ways for Kids to Save the World checklist with our friends at Frugal Family blog, and it’s gone down a treat! Encourage your kids to think…    read more 

How to Make Toffee Apples

It’s toffee apple season! And in accordance to the law of Autumn, we’ve been happily munching through toffee apples like there’s no tomorrow! I’m assuming that toffee apples were invented as a way of getting rid of slightly over ripe apples in an appealing way, and let me tell you – I’m a huge fan! So in preparation for our Halloween party last night, I decided to make our own toffee apples! Luckily we have our very own apple tree in the garden, so we were able to make use of applies that perhaps aren’t flavoursome enough to eat on their own. As a little task, I sent our three year old daughter out into the garden to pick some applies from the lowest branches. I am guessing that certain apples – probably non waxy ones, are probably better for toffee apples, but I think it’s one of those things…    read more 

How to Use Our Bear Counting to 10 Activity!

Bear counting activity idea

As part of World Nursery Rhyme Week 2018, Mrs Mactivity has the honour of creating the core and additional resources to help teachers, parents and carers of under 7s to take part! Each day from the 19th – 23rd November 2018, a different rhyme will be celebrated, and this blog post is linked to the rhyme “Round and Round the Garden” – which we just love! Nursery rhymes are a great way of encouraging speaking and listening, rhythm, early maths and social skills, though this additional activity focuses mainly on early maths skills. What you need Our Bear Counting to 10 Activity Sheet. A selection of pom poms, buttons or whatever else you like (just be careful that whatever you use doesn’t end up in little ones’ mouths). How to make your Bear Counting Activity Print out the Bear Counting to 10 Activity On the Bear Counting Sheet you will…    read more 

Make Your Own Tipping Teapot Craft

Make a tipping teapot craft

Mrs Mactivity are delighted to have been invited to be the chosen resource provider for World Nursery Rhyme Week 2018!  Over 2.5 million children have taken part in World Nursery Rhyme Week since its launch in 2013. The week is open to parents, Early Years practitioners and anybody who works with children under the age of 7. Best of all, participation is free!  Mrs Mactivity has provided some additional resources and craft ideas to accompany the week, and this blog post explains how to make your very own tipping teapot for the rhyme “I’m a Little Teapot” – it really couldn’t be easier! What you need a free teapot template (click on this link to download) colours – either felt tips or coloured pencils – we used blue paint with glitter and decorated with sequins. a paper plate. glue How to make your tipping teapot Colour in and cut out your printed teapot template….    read more 

Make Your Own Humpty Story Spoons!

humpty dumpty story spoons

Story spoons are a great tool for speaking and listening, cheap to make and so much fun too! In this blog post, we’re going to be showing you how to make some Humpty Dumpty story spoons to help you take part in the Humpty Dumpty rhyme for World Nursery Rhyme Week 2018, or just generally! Of course this craft doesn’t have to be just limited to that one rhyme, you can apply the same thinking to other rhymes, fairy stories and characters too, and best of all it couldn’t be easier! What you need  Wooden spoons (these can be bought very cheaply from places like Home Bargains and Poundland). Printed Humpty Dumpty Story Spoon Decals – we have made some for you to download and print here. Decorative materials such as crepe paper and felt tips – whatever you fancy. PVA glue. Coloured felt. Googly eyes. How to make your…    read more 

How to Make a Playdough Currant Bun!

five currant buns playdough recipe

Here at Mrs Mactivity, we’re delighted to be a huge part of the World Nursery Rhyme Week 2018 celebrations along with event sponsor and our friends Music Bugs! In this blog post, we show you how to make some really cool playdough currant buns to help you take part in the rhyme “Five Currant Buns” – this is a really wonderful sensory activity that we know children love, and that develops language skills, fine motor skills, maths skills and more! Just to say that these buns are NOT for eating – so it might be worth reinforcing that with your children 🙂 What you need 300g plain flour 2 tablespoon cream of tartar 100g salt 1 spoonful of a spice such as cinnamon. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (and optional glycerine for extra shine) 2 teabags + boiling water a cup of currants/raisins red gel food colouring (take care not to…    read more 

How to Make a Paper Plate Boat Craft

world nursery rhyme week boat craft

Welcome! As part of the celebrations around World Nursery Rhyme Week (19th – 23rd November 2018), Mrs Mactivity are providing additional activities and ideas surrounding the 5 rhymes for the week. In this blog post, we share an idea to go with the rhyme – A Sailor Went to Sea – and show you how to make a really cute paper plate boat craft! What you need one paper plate two craft sticks a kitchen roll cut in half glue paint  and paint brush scissors stapler something for the mast – we used bunting fabric but you can also use card. How to make your paper plate boat craft Get a paper plate and fold it down the centre to make a crease mark.  Cut down the crease mark line. 2.  Put the two halves together and cut a straight line across the bottom. 3.  Staple the two halves together…    read more 

How Teachers Should Spend Their Summer

How teachers should spend their summer

Although the clue’s in the title here, far be it from me to tell anyone how to spend their summer! Having said that, when you’re exhausted at the end of the term, it can be difficult to think ahead and even think straight! So if you’re after some top tips for how to spend your summer holiday this year, we’ve some ideas for how you can TRULY relax and ensure you’re invigorated ahead of the new term. If you can, if you’ve any energy at all, try and plan a little in advance of the holidays, otherwise you’ll find they’ve arrived and everyone is busy and you’ve no-one to spend time with. If you don’t have kids of your own, and not many teacher friends, the holidays can be a lonely time (actually they can be a lonely time even if you do have all of the above!). You sort…    read more 

15+ Terrific Transition Ideas!

transition worksheets,

Transition time! Good news is, that means it’s almost the end of term, bad news is, you have to say goodbye to your old class. This also means that it’s time to get to get to know your new class and find out what makes them tick so you’re all ready for September. Read on for our favourite transition ideas – tested and used by real teachers! Make a Transition All About Me Minibook! These rminibooks are super cute and kids absolutely love doing them! We’ve made some really useful and original Transition Activity Sheets (also available in black and white) which are great for ages 5  – 8 and come in lots of different designs. Ask children to draw a picture of themselves and write a few words about last year and the year ahead. For less able children, ask them to work in pairs with a more able…    read more 

Mrs Mactivity’s Inspirational Blogger Award!

Mrs Mactivity blog award

Things are moving quickly at Mrs Mactivity and we’re working hard at providing you with really high quality free educational resources for your home or school setting. But don’t take our word for it! We’ve already been picked up by a range of influential bloggers who already love our hand drawn whimsical resources – read more here! Jennifer’s Little World Welsh Mummy Blogs and we also made some exciting pre school science printables for the wonderful Science Sparks! Excitingly, we’re also going to be working with one of the top UK bloggers in the parenting sphere, mum of 6 Fiona who blogs over at Coombe Mill. Fiona owns a wonderful farm complex down in Cornwall that is host to a plethora of gorgeous cottages where you can stay and learn all about the family’s life and many animals. Feeding time is especially fun, as is their very own mini train!…    read more 

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