Chinese New Year

Chinese Zodiac Story


It’s almost time for Chinese New Year and children love hearing about the Chinese Zodiac Story and the story of the Great Race. Here at Mrs Mactivity, we have a range of Chinese New Year Resources to help children learn about Chinese New Year and the Chinese Zodiac.   The Story of Chinese New year Many years ago in China, the Jade Emperor wanted to measure time to work out how old he was. He decided to have a swimming race with different types of animals, so he could give a name to each year of the Chinese zodiac. The position each animal came in the race would decide which year was named after them. The Emperor invited thirteen animals down to the river to take part but he only needed twelve for his zodiac.   The animals were: A tiger, a snake, a rat, a rabbit, a monkey, a dog, a pig,…    read more 

Year of the Rat Activities

Year of the rat activities

What is the animal for Chinese new year 2020? 2021 is the year of the rat in the Chinese lunar calendar, and at Mrs Mactivity we have plenty of year of the rat resources, year of the rat lesson ideas, and year of the rat worksheets! Not forgetting all of our other Chinese New Year resources and ideas that will help save you time in your lessons, or use with your children at home.  It has actually been such a blast coming up with the ideas for our Chinese New Year crafts and worksheets, and we’re really excited to share these with you! Before we go onto our year of the rat resources, we wanted to show you our NEW and existing Chinese New Year worksheets and activities. Chinese New Year Dragon Craft We love the Chinese New Year Dragon Craft from last year! This one was so popular and…    read more 

Easy Year of the Pig Crafts and Activities

year of the pig activities

It’s that time of year again – Chinese New Year – and there are so many possibilities! Chinese New Year is the perfect excuse to a) eat lovely food and b) get super crafty and inspire young minds – so what are you waiting for! Let’s get started! We’ve lots of easy crafts and resources that anyone can do – from age 3 and beyond. Best of all they require hardy any preparation and are either free or super cheap. Though for some of the Year of the Pig resources you will need a Mrs Mactivity Premium subscription, though at only £9.97 for 12 months, with access to ALL of our boutique resources, it’s a total bargain. Where to begin? Chinese New year paper plate puppet craft This one is so popular already and totally unique to Mrs Mactivity! Make your very own puppet craft for Chinese New Year using…    read more 

Very Simple Chinese New Year Activity Ideas!

Chinese new year activity ideas

Chinese New Year is one of my favourite festivals for lots of different reasons. First of all it comes just after Christmas when everything seems a bit gloomy, with not much to look forward to. It’s a great excuse to get together with friends and family, cook something a bit different and celebrate (again!). It’s also something quite easy to introduce to children – even if they are unfamiliar with Chinese culture. There are so many interesting things you can do that involve fun learning opportunities. This one is easy and fun for all the family. Use our Chinese New Year Mindfulness Colouring sheets to really relax and chat whilst spending time together.  As it’s year of the dog this year, younger children will find this especially fun. Make a Chinese willow plate! For this you will need to buy some paper plates from your local supermarket and either use…    read more