How Teachers Should Spend Their Summer

How teachers should spend their summer

Although the clue’s in the title here, far be it from me to tell anyone how to spend their summer! Having said that, when you’re exhausted at the end of the term, it can be difficult to think ahead and even think straight! So if you’re after some top tips for how to spend your summer holiday this year, we’ve some ideas for how you can TRULY relax and ensure you’re invigorated ahead of the new term. If you can, if you’ve any energy at all, try and plan a little in advance of the holidays, otherwise you’ll find they’ve arrived and everyone is busy and you’ve no-one to spend time with. If you don’t have kids of your own, and not many teacher friends, the holidays can be a lonely time (actually they can be a lonely time even if you do have all of the above!). You sort…    read more 

15+ Terrific Transition Ideas!

transition worksheets,

Transition time! Good news is, that means it’s almost the end of term, bad news is, you have to say goodbye to your old class. This also means that it’s time to get to get to know your new class and find out what makes them tick so you’re all ready for September. Read on for our favourite transition ideas – tested and used by real teachers! Make a Transition All About Me Minibook! These rminibooks are super cute and kids absolutely love doing them! We’ve made some really useful and original Transition Activity Sheets (also available in black and white) which are great for ages 5  – 8 and come in lots of different designs. Ask children to draw a picture of themselves and write a few words about last year and the year ahead. For less able children, ask them to work in pairs with a more able…    read more