The Masked Reader World Book Day

the masked reader world book day

This year (2024) World Book Day is on the 7th March with the theme “read your way”.  We know that having access to lots of books and being encouraged to read is a really good predictor of a child’s future success, so it makes complete sense to encourage a love of reading from an early age. Even a few minutes a day can make a huge difference. Here at Mrs Mactivity, we’re huge advocates of the benefits of reading, and we love making a whole host of World Book Day resources each year to bring reading, and learning to life. With this year being no exception.

Ideas for World Book Day

It can be tricky coming up with new ideas for World Book Day each year, but don’t fear, we’ve got you covered! We have a whole range of ideas that you can do either as a school, or as a class, to ensure that everyone takes part and has fun. You can also check out our World Book Day costume ideas, if you’re looking for outfit inspiration.

World Book Day The Masked Reader

🧑‍🎤This year children have really been enjoying the show “The Masked
Singer” and we thought it would be fun to apply this to World Book Day, with our The Masked Reader PowerPoint Pack!
Use the PowerPoint from the pack to insert videos of members of staff reading a story, then at the end, the children have to guess who each person is!
**How to use**
1. Each participating member of staff should record themselves reading a short story in disguise. At the end of the story they should say “can you guess who I am” and then pause (so you can pause the video), before taking off their disguise. This could be on a tablet, mobile or using screen recording software. Save the videos on to your computer.
2. On each slide, click on the prepared box, then click on “insert” and look at the right hand side of the tool bar at the top to find the word “video”. Choose “Video from File”. Navigate until you find the first video and then click “insert”.
You shouldn’t need to resize the video as it should fit perfectly into the box we have prepared.
3. Continue until all of the videos are inserted.
4. When playing the game, give the children the answer sheet for them to fill in (included in the pack).
5. See how many the children got right!
World Book Day Masked Reader 2

World Book Day Mindfulness Colouring

On what can be quite a hectic day, there’s always time for a bit of down time so that children can reflect on what reading means to them. Use our World Book Day Mindfulness Colouring pages to bring a little zen to your classroom at the end of a busy day.

World Book Day Mindfulness Colouring

World Book Day Character Masks

Encourage children to think about their favourite book character with our World Book Day Character Masks. Be it Peter Rabbit, Horrid Henry, Matilda, or Fantastic Mr Fox, these mask templates are really easy for children to put their own mark on. Once the masks are created, encourage children to work in groups to put on a play or performance to show the rest of the class.

World Book Day Character Masks

World Book Day Mini-books

Sometimes children just want to write a story without being told to use lots of adjectives, powerful verbs, correct spelling and grammar – just for the fun of it! Our World Book Day mini-books can be used in lots of different ways and contains prompts to scaffold children’s writing if needed. Great for creating a class library, and is just what the Brontes used to do!

all about me transition mini book

You could develop this further by asking children to design a book cover – perhaps have a competition to see who comes up with the most exciting design! Or have a theme, for example animals, or space, so that children have a starting point.

World Book Day Design a Book Cover

In summary, on World Book Day, teachers can engage pupils with a range of exciting activities. From organising book character costume contests and World Book Day-themed crafts to hosting interactive storytelling sessions and book-related games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Pupils can participate in reading challenges and author study activities, while classrooms can be decorated with creative displays inspired by beloved books. Book-themed lessons provide educational opportunities, and literacy events such as book swaps and reading events foster a love for reading among pupils. Writing prompts drawn from favourite books spark creativity, and book-based scavenger hunts offer adventurous learning experiences. To top it off, dramatic readings of favourite stories bring the magic of books to life in the classroom.

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