Teaching ideas for the King’s Coronation

Teaching ideas for the King's Coronation

When is the King’s coronation?

The Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla will take place on Saturday 6 May 2023.

The coronation of any monarch in the United Kingdom is a highly ceremonial and symbolic event that follows a centuries-old tradition. In this blog post, you will find out what will happen during the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla to help you plan your day, alongside some helpful and time-saving King Charles’ coronation teaching resources and ideas! This event is a great chance to help children have an understanding of what it means to have a Royal Family, and what happens during a coronation ceremony since hardly any of us can remember the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as it was so long ago. During the coronation weekend, there will be lots of celebrating, parties and chances for children (and adults) to enjoy themselves, so let’s dive right in! 

What happens on the day of the coronation?

King Charles coronation teaching resources-2

The actual coronation ceremony for King Charles and Queen Camilla will take place in Westminster Abbey, London, and is a highly ceremonial and symbolic event that marks the formal accession of the new monarch to the throne.

During the coronation, King Charles will take several oaths and will be anointed with holy oil by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who also presents the ceremonial regalia, including the St Edward’s Crown, the orb, the sceptre, and the sword of state.

The King then proceeds to take a procession through the streets of London, which is followed by a lavish banquet at Buckingham Palace. The coronation will be attended by members of the royal family, political leaders, foreign dignitaries, and representatives from across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Prince Harry will be attending, along with other members of the royal family including Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince William and of course Queen Camilla’s family.

King Charles coronation teaching ideas

The coronation is a way to show that King Charles is the rightful king and it’s also a time for everyone to come together and celebrate. Everyone will celebrate in different ways, but some ideas are:

  • having a family BBQ
  • having afternoon tea
  • having a street party with other members of the community 
  • actually attending the coronation in London!
  • just watching everything on T.V.
  • making some coronation arts and crafts.

Teaching resources about the King’s Coronation

Crown Jewels Phonics Game - Phonics Family Range

As you’d expect, we have a wide range of resources to help mark the occasion of the coronation of King Charles III, covering ages 3-11. These are ideal for either classroom or home use. With our Phonics Crown Jewels activity, the idea is to reach inside the treasure chest and pick out a jewel – if the jewel features a real word stick it on the crown, if it isn’t – put it to one side. Brilliant for preparing for the Phonics Screening Check as well!

Before the ceremony, it’s probably a good idea to remind children about the previous monarch with our Queen Elizabeth II information PowerPoint. This takes you through the main aspects of her life and will help to put the coronation of King Charles in context.

You should probably also tell children a little more about King Charles so they can get a good understanding of his life and who he is as a person with our King Charles III information PowerPoint.

King Charles coronation arts and crafts ideas for your class

Explore this nice and easy The King’s Coronation Giant Collaborative Mosaic Display Posters. Simply hand out one page to each child, and ask each child to decorate their page in their own special way. When everyone has completed their own unique art sheet, assemble in the same order as the layout shown in the resource, done!

The King's Coronation Giant Collaborative Mosaic Display Posters

A great one for role-play areas, ask children to decorate their own royal crown, using our handy template!

The King's Coronation Crown Templates

If you’re planning a coronation party, then our King’s coronation teacup craft is ideal! 

The King's Coronation Afternoon Tea Craft Activity

If you’re looking for some down time on and around the coronation day, our King Charles coronation mindfulness colouring is just the ticket! Ideal for both home and school use.

CORONATION 2023 Mindfulness Colouring sheets

Alongside our resources, we’ve curated some great arts and crafts for kids from other sources to give you some fresh and easy ideas! These are ideal for both home and classroom use. We love this super easy King Charles III sun-catcher for kids from The Gingerbread House – based on the new 50p coin (which I still haven’t seen yet!).

the gingerbread house 51 1

King’s Coronation STEM activities for kids

Also from the Gingerbread House is this great royal crown STEM skittles experiment – fun for all ages! 

Royal crown STEM skittles experiment for kids

New Rhyme Town lesson packs! More coming soon.