Crown Jewels Phonics Game – Phonics Family Range

Crown Jewels Phonics Game – Phonics Family Range

Crown Jewels Phonics Game - Phonics Family Range

King’s Coronation phonics resources

Another brilliant phonics game from Phonics Family, ideal for provision areas. Help children with their reading skills with this Crown Jewels Phonics Game – Phonics Family RangeIdeal for provision areas and a great way to add phonics to role-play, and good for fine motor skills.  A fun, hands-on way for children to use their phonic knowledge and practise for the Year 1 phonics screening check, but works for all times of year, especially in the build up and aftermath of the coronation of King Charles III.

This resource downloads as a zip file, so we recommend using a computer rather than a mobile device. You may need to right click on the file to “extract all”.

How to make

1. Cut out the ‘Crown Jewels Chest’ template and then fold in half a long the dotted line. (This will contain the ‘Crown Jewels’ words.)

2. Cut out the ‘Crown’ template and attach both halves to form a 3D crown. (We will be decorating the crown with ‘Crown Jewel’ words.)

3. Cut out all of the ‘Crown Jewel’ words and place them inside the ‘Jewels Chest’.

How to play

1. Reach inside the chest and pick out a jewel.

2. Read the word, is it a real word or an alien word?

Only real words can be stuck on as crown jewels!

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