Bonfire Night Arts and Crafts Ideas!

bonfire night arts and crafts ideas

Bonfire Night is a great time of year for inspiring children to do super fun arts and crafts – it’s the last BIG thing before Christmas apart from Remembrance Day (explore our Remembrance Day resources) here in the UK, though Thanksgiving is a great cultural event to bring into your practice too!

Bonfire arts and crafts ideas for kids

Today, we’re going to show you some super easy Bonfire night arts and crafts ideas – some of them with absolutely no mess at all, that you can either do with your child at home or in your classroom or setting. Ideal for children in EYFS and KS1, either as part of your topic work, or in your Art or DT lessons.

Cardboard tube firework printing art activity

This cardboard tube firework painting is great for children of all ages, it’s so easy and you can really glam it up by using a variety of colourful paints. We put our paint on a paper plate as it contained the paint really nicely and is exactly the right size for the cardboard tube. You can cut your slits as long or short as you like, but I think that shorter might give you a slightly more robust tube. Don’t forget that cutting card is also a brilliant fine motor skill for children, so you could also have this as part of your provision set-up as a precursor to the art activity itself. I think a nice addition here would be some biodegradable glitter, just to add some sparkle and shine!

firework toilet roll printing

Bonfire Night paper plate craft

This Bonfire night paper plate craft is a super easy no mess craft that anyone can do – you just need a split pin and a paper plate. The bottom printable is black and white, so ask your children to colour it in however they prefer – they can even paint with glitter paint if they prefer! Or add glitter later. The idea is that the plate spins round to reveal the firework gradually exploding, so it’s a good opportunity to chat to your children about fireworks, particularly if they’ve never seen one before.

bonfire night paper plate craft

Bonfire Night rocket craft

Another no mess craft that kids love. This Bonfire Night Rocket Cone Craft comes in both black and white – so you can decorate yourself, or in full colour for the complete effect! Makes a great activity for both home and school and all it requires is glue.  Also a handy cutting skills activity to get those fine motor skills in there!

bonfire night cone craft

Bonfire Night paper craft bouquet

If you lose no mess crafts, then this really is the one for you! Requires some folding and cutting – all good for fine motor skills, and a bit of gluing, and you’re completely done! We use these are Bonfire Night party favours, or just for decoration. Like all our resources, these are lovingly hand drawn by our talented designer. LOVE! Download your Bonfire Night Paper Craft Bouquet here.

bonfire night paper craft template (1)

Bonfire Night 3D rocket craft

This is SO much fun, and probably my most favourite of all as it has a 3D element, yet is still easy enough for little ones! Also comes with a cute little hat and streamers to really personlise it. FUN!

Download the rocket paper craft template here.

bonfire night no mess cone craft

For the rest of our Bonfire Night resources, including a Bonfire Night PowerPoint, take a look here!

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