Rocket 3D Paper Craft

Our Rocket 3D Paper Craft comes in loads of fun designs for you to create your very own Bonfire Night crafts for kids with no mess! Simply download and print our hand drawn designs and cut out to make your rocket paper craft. This craft works for any ages and abilities, you can make it as easy and complicated as you like! This rocket cone craft also comes in black and white to save you on ink, and so you can colour and design your own. Add on the 3D elements or stick on your own sparkles, gems and glitter to complete the look!

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2 thoughts on “Rocket 3D Paper Craft”

  1. Sam Arnold

    Easy to put together and great fun to design. Both my students and my staff team enjoyed making their rockets. They are now decorating our reception for all to see.

    This simple resource took me five minutes to download and print and filled an hours lesson.

  2. Heather Mactivity Post author

    So glad that you liked these! So happy that everyone enjoyed using them, we love making creative things like this!

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