Spooky Mummy Fingers Recipe

mummy fingers recipe for halloween

This spooky mummy fingers recipe is a really fun and tasty addition to any Halloween party. It’s so easy to do as well, and adds a definite WOW factor to your Halloween party table. It also uses less pastry than a traditional sausage roll recipe – so you could even say it’s slightly healthy (!).

Ingredients for spooky mummy fingers recipe

an egg, whisked

chipolata sausages

a pack of puff pastry


Roll out the pastry on a floured surface until it is a little thinner.

how to make mummy fingers

Cut the pastry into strips, about half a cm thick. You need one strip per sausage so make sure the strip is long enough.

halloween party food ideas

Ideally you need fairly thin sausages, or else they will take ages to cook!

sausage roll recipe halloween party

Wrap the sausages in the pastry, leaving gaps as you go. You could leave a space for a “face” at the top if you prefer.

how to make mummy sausage rolls

A little helper can give you a hand now, using the beaten egg, coat the mummy sausage rolls all over.

mummy sausage roll ideas

Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees, though the exact time will depend on how big your sausages are and how much pastry you’ve used. Then you’re done!

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