Phonics Family resources

phonics family resources

We were thrilled that the lovely Katie from Phonics Family was keen to work with us earlier this year, to develop a whole new range of Phonics Family resources  We really admire Katie’s ideas and approach to phonics, that are both pragmatic and creative – something that is difficult to achieve! Katie combines her knowledge and passion for phonics, with hands-on practical ideas that parents and teachers can easily implement to engage children, and help them make progress in phonics learning. Katie’s phonics ideas can also easily be used in continuous provision – so many uses!

Phonics Family supermarket sweep

We love this one! Help children with blending skills using our Phonics Family supermarket sweep game. Play this game by giving children a shopping list and the shopping items picture sheet. Ask children to cut the items out, then ask the children to read the word on their list, the find the corresponding picture of the item. Put or stick the item in the shopping trolley.

Phonics Supermarket Sweep Game - Phonics Family Range

Word jail tricky word activity

Help children to learn how to read and spell tricky words with our Phonics Family tricky word jail display activity. How to play: Print, laminate and display the poster. Identify a commonly misspelt word and write it in the box in the middle using the incorrect spelling, for example wuz, sed or hee. Refer to the poster to encourage children to think carefully about how to correctly spell the word in their writing and not use the spelling in ‘Word Jail’.

Word Jail Display Poster - Phonics Family Range

Phonics Family calculate a word

Children love messing about with calculators – don’t we all – and you’ll be glad to hear that this activity does NOT work on mobile phones. How to use: Using a traditional calculator, type in the numbers, turn the calculator upside down and read the words on the word cards. Write the found words on the cards to break the code!

Calculate a Word - Phonics Family Range

Phonics Family alphabet flashcards

These alphabet flashcards have been hand-created by the lovely Katie – and are just brilliant for a natural classroom display. They also work really well in a continuous provision set-up.

Alphabet Frieze Flashcards - Phonics Family Range

Phonics Family phase 2 cutting caterpillar activity

Brilliant for Reception children – this Phonics Family phase 2 cutting caterpillar activity combines fine motor skills with phonics skills, and is another brilliant one for continuous provision areas. How to use: Cut out the word cards. Discuss what each one is. Then ask children to identify the cards that should go on each caterpillar – according to the initial letter sound – and ask them to put them in the right position.

Phase 2 Cutting Caterpillars Activity - Phonics Family Range

Phonics Family B and D formation activity.

Children quite often confuse the letters b and d – as they look so alike! How to use: Cut out the counters and stick onto card or laminate. Choose a counter and identify what sound the object starts with. Now push the counter around the corresponding large letter template with your finger to form the letter. Make sure to start at the green dot and finish on the red dot. For example, pick the counter with a dice picture and push it around the letter ‘d’ template to form the letter correctly.

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