New online phonics games

online phonics games

We love helping people here at Mrs Mactivity, and you know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention! Last lockdown, I was desperately trying to get my four year old daughter engaged in ANY kind of learning. I hope it’s some comfort that even though I run a primary resources website myself and am an experienced teacher, it was a huge struggle. One of the things I really struggled to engage her with was phonics learning. This totally sucked as reading is everything isn’t it? It’s almost impossible to engage with any other area of learning if you can’t read. I wracked my brain thinking of ways to get her motivated, but aside from handing out a zillion gold stars a day, I was totally stumped. One thing I know she is epic at is operating a tablet, so I wondered if that was the key to tapping into something meaningful. Then I had a brainwave – why not create our own online phonics games that can be played on tablets, phones, computers AND interactive whiteboards – the idea for Time for Phonics was born! Fast forward to the THIRD lockdown (can you believe it) and we’re ready to launch! We have been working super hard in the background with our friends at madebystudio, and our phonics expert Sophie Pickles to bring you something truly useful. We have devised a series of online phonics games that focus on the key skills of segmenting and blending, with lively whimsical characters that we know kids will love.

online phonics games

There are games from phonics phases 2-5 that you can access with a free trial. Once your trial is over, access for parents is just £10 PER YEAR, whilst schools can get access for £50 + VAT per year. The school membership also gives you access to our acclaimed phonics scheme – perfectly aligned to the Letters and Sounds framework. The phonics scheme was created by a phonics expert and has loads of hands-on, fresh ideas suitable for both new and experienced teachers alike. If you’re already following a scheme that’s ok too, as you can just use our plans to supplement what you’re already doing. If you want to check out our phonics scheme in more detail, you can download a free guide here.


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