How to Make a Paper Plate Boat Craft

world nursery rhyme week boat craft

Welcome! As part of the celebrations around World Nursery Rhyme Week (19th – 23rd November 2018), Mrs Mactivity are providing additional activities and ideas surrounding the 5 rhymes for the week. In this blog post, we share an idea to go with the rhyme – A Sailor Went to Sea – and show you how to make a really cute paper plate boat craft!

What you need

  • one paper plate
  • two craft sticks
  • a kitchen roll cut in half
  • glue
  • paint  and paint brush
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • something for the mast – we used bunting fabric but you can also use card.

How to make your paper plate boat craft

  1. Get a paper plate and fold it down the centre to make a crease mark.  Cut down the crease mark line.

Paper plate boat craft

2.  Put the two halves together and cut a straight line across the bottom.

Paper plate boat craft

3.  Staple the two halves together using 4 staples.

Paper plate boat craft

4. Using your choice of acylic paint – cover both sides and wait to dry. Apply a second coat if needed.

Paper plate boat craft

5. Now is the time to make your mast! We used bunting material, but you can also use card. Get a large triangle piece of card/bunting – the size doesn’t really matter. Attach two craft sticks as you can see in the picture and glue securely. You can also use another stick at the top if you want the mast to be more rigid. Fold the card or material over and glue in position. When dry, attach the mast to the boat.

Paper plate boat craft

6.  Use half a kitchen roll inside the boat to keep it from falling over.

Paper plate boat craft

7. Decorate your boat with buttons, jewels or whatever you have lying around.

Paper plate boat craft

This little boat isn’t designed to go on water, but makes a great home made toy!

What to do with your paper plate boat craft

Use the boat to do actions during the song “A Sailor Went to Sea”.

Make different masts our of various materials – which is the most sturdy?

Try making the boat with a curved bottom, what difference does it make to the overall structure?

To access additional resources go to  Mrs Mactivity’s World Nursery Rhyme Week Resources.

Please note that supervision will be required for activities using small parts with young children.

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