Halloween Cardboard Tube Goodie Holder

Halloween cardboard tube craft

It’s time for another Halloween craft – and today we are making a Halloween Cardboard Tube Goodie Holder. I really like the idea of making crafts that are useful and can be utilised in some way as it creates purpose and meaning. Some of the crafts I’ve made with my children in the past have been lovely – but they often ask “what do we DO with it”, so with this in mind, perhaps useful crafts are the way forward!

We’ve already made a Halloween Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft, and today we are using a cardboard tube to create something even cuter! What you need:-

  • glue
  • cardboard tube
  • googly eyes
  • ribbon or string
  • crepe paper or orange paint
  • stapler and staples
  • goodies!

How to make a Halloween Cardboard Tube Craft

  1. Assemble your bits and bobs. You basically just need something to cover your cardboard tube, this could be crepe paper or you can also use coloured paper to bend round the tube. Paint works well too but might need a few coats. We made a pumpkin, but you could also make a ghost, vampire or Frankenstein!

Halloween cardboard tube craft

2. You can either wrap your crepe paper round and glue into place, or stick on ripped pieces of crepe paper – whatever works for the age of your children. Stick on or draw on googly eyes and then stick on a nose and mouth. We used ribbon which frayed a bit, so card would probably work better!

Halloween cardboard tube craft

3.  Now you need to create your handle! We used black ribbon and stapled it onto the top of the cardboard tube.  To ensure that your goodies don’t fall out of the bottom, you need to put in at least three staples all in a row, as you can see in this photograph.

Halloween cardboard tube craft

4. Now it’s time to add your goodies! This craft is great for a Halloween party or for little ones out trick or treating.

Halloween cardboard tube craft

For more Halloween resources, take a look here!

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