How to Make Toffee Apples

It’s toffee apple season! And in accordance to the law of Autumn, we’ve been happily munching through toffee apples like there’s no tomorrow! I’m assuming that toffee apples were invented as a way of getting rid of slightly over ripe apples in an appealing way, and let me tell you – I’m a huge fan! So in preparation for our Halloween party last night, I decided to make our own toffee apples! Luckily we have our very own apple tree in the garden, so we were able to make use of applies that perhaps aren’t flavoursome enough to eat on their own. As a little task, I sent our three year old daughter out into the garden to pick some applies from the lowest branches. I am guessing that certain apples – probably non waxy ones, are probably better for toffee apples, but I think it’s one of those things where you just use what you already have in.

Apples for toffee apples

If you’d like to make some too, here is my recipe.

What are the Ingredients for Toffee Apples

8 apples

5 table spoons of golden syrup

400g golden caster sugar

200ml water

skewers or craft sticks for your apples

Method for making toffee apples

Put your apples in a large bowl of boiling water for ten minutes as this will help to get rid of the waxiness. Then remove the stalks and dry with a tea towel.

how to make toffee apples

Meanwhile, add the sugar to a pan with the water and heat until the sugar is melted.

toffee apple recipe

When the sugar is melted, add the golden syrup and continue to heat. To get the golden syrup out of the jar more easily, try heating your spoon on the hob like this! (A little tip from my home ec teacher!).

how to make toffee sauce

easy toffee apple recipe

Now prepare a baking tray with baking paper on, and skewer your apples (make sure the pointy end doesn’t come out the end of the apple!)

halloween party ideas

Now you can turn your attention back to your syrup mixture! It should have started to turn to an amber colour -make sure you wait long enough as if you dip your apples too early the mixture won’t stick. You can tell the toffee is ready because if you drip it onto a plate and it doesn’t solidify quite quickly, it still need a little more time. Don’t stir the mixture if you can help it. When it looks ready, dip each apple quickly into the mixture, twisting it round and using a spoon to help cover the whole area. If the mixture starts to harden too much, heat it up again. When you’ve dipped your apples, pop them on the baking paper to harden.

toffee apples

If you have it, it might also be nice to add some red food colouring to your mixture in order for the apples to get the traditional red colour of toffee apples.

Wait a little while until your toffee apples have completely hardened. You can see above that we also tried this with pears, but I think pears might be too soft as they completely turned to mush!

toffee apple recipes

The toffee apples went down a treat – and at 99p each in the shop, also saved a whole lot of money! Perfect Halloween party food.

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