Morning Starters

A series of time-saving morning starter activities for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to help children settle in on their arrival at school and make the most of learning time. Morning starters are great for getting children’s brains ready and working, as well as making use of every moment. They contain lots of useful consolidation activities to revisit previous learning and give opportunities for teacher assessment. You can also add our morning starters to your lesson plans as a handy starter or plenary, to extend fast finishers or more able children. They’re also brilliant for home learning activities, give out for homework, or post only on your communication platform for parents to access, they can also be completed on iPads and tablets with no need for printing.

What are morning starter activities?

Morning starter activities are designed to be ready for children to use as soon as they come into school. Traditionally there was always a fair amount of faffing and time-wasting as children came into school, especially now that most children no longer line up in the playground and come in to school in dribs and drabs. By using morning starter activities, you can really target specific areas of learning that you think children should practise more. The morning starter activities on Mrs Mactivity consist of mainly morning starter PowerPoints, and morning starter mats, but also include writing prompts, phonics mats and more.

Morning starter PowerPoints

Morning starter PowerPoints are a great way to make the most of learning time in the morning, without any need for printing. Simply display the PowerPoint slide on the board (a different one for each day of the week), and ask children to use whiteboards and pens to write down the answers. Children that need additional support could work in pairs, or just focus on one area of the PowerPoint slide. You CAN actually print these slides off, if you do prefer for children to complete morning starter worksheets/mats. We have a variety of different morning starter PowerPoints, including maths morning starter PowerPoints, maths and SPaG PowerPoints. You can browse some generic versions, or go to the specific term, e.g. Autumn morning PowerPoints, to find something that’s aligned with the national curriculum for that time of year.  Each PowerPoint consists of 5 daily slides that you can have on your whiteboard as the children arrive in the classroom. Each PowerPoint auto-generates the date, and contains:

– Challenges for the day.
– Writing task.
– Maths workout.
– Time to spell.
– How are you today question.

Use at the start of the Autumn term to check prior learning and identify gaps in understanding, as the tasks are based on objectives covered in the previous year. Great as a settling task, before starting this year’s objectives.

Morning starter activity mats

We have a variety of time-saving morning starter activity mats to help children settle into the day ahead, and consolidate previous learning. The activities are in line with expectations for the start of each year – some recapping of learning from the end of the previous year, and introduction of the objectives for the year ahead. The mats are differentiated at two levels and contain five different mats in each set. Each set consists of 5 daily activity mats that can be used each day – print them out and have them out on children’s desks ready for them to get on with as soon as they get into school. They are colourful and engaging with activities perfectly aligned with the national curriculum, so you know children are on the right track. Our morning starter activity mats include:

Morning starter phonics activity mats: these are ideal for consolidating phonics learning in phases 2 and 3, and providing additional opportunities for writing. They are brilliant for home learning, consolidation or as a morning starter activity mat in EYFS, or for older children that have gaps in their learning. You could also use these in your phonics provision areas.

Morning starter maths and SPaG activity mats: each set consists of 5 daily activity mats that children can complete as they arrive in school.  The mats contain SPaG activities alongside maths questions, and are brilliant for getting those brains working, and getting ready for the day.

Morning starter maths revision mats: these include maths revision mats that children can complete as they arrive in school.  The mats link directly to the maths national curriculum for each year group, and are ideal for consolidation and revision. You can also use these alongside our maths mastery scheme.

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