Year 3 SPaG scheme

Year 4 SPaG scheme

Year 5 SPaG scheme

Year 6 SPaG scheme

This KS2 spelling and grammar scheme of work aims to save you time whilst providing coverage of the KS2 English national Curriculum for spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Our Key Stage 2 punctuation and grammar resources are engaging and interactive, with the aim of embedding SPaG into children’s daily work and reducing cognitive load. It can be tricky to find a Year 3 to Year 6 spelling scheme that is inclusive for all, but we have worked hard to include differentiated worksheets and practical activities so that all children can access the learning. 

Grammar lessons for KS2 can often be dry and boring – but not with Spectacular SPaG. It isn’t easy injecting fun into spelling and grammar, but with the interactive age-appropriate characters that children will relate to, and small steps, this is as close as you’ll get to making SPaG fun.  The scheme includes hands-on spelling activities for upper primary including KS2 English curriculum resources.  Teaching punctuation in Key Stage 2 can be tricky, as there are so many rules to remember and it may not be something you were ever taught yourself! But the KS2 grammar lesson plans will take you through all aspects of learning, and make the teaching of SPaG as simple as possible.

The spelling rules for Year 3 to Year 6 are also covered in this scheme, as well as interactive grammar games for KS2. One of the aims of the scheme is developing writing skills in KS2, which links perfectly to the KS2 English national curriculum.

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