Phase 5 Phonics

Phase 5 phonics play ideas, phase 5 phonics planning resources , phase 5 phonics worksheets and more!

Help children with their phase 5 phonics skills using our phase 5 phonics planning, phase 5 phonics games and much more!

Save time with your phase 5 phonics planning with this collection of engaging phase 5 phonics resources with a low cognitive load for children. Engaging and tried and tested ideas to help children make progress with phonics. This phase 5 phonics game to help children to identify the phase 5 GPCs, in order to help them read more fluently.

Start each session by going over previously learned phase 5 GPCs with our phase 5 flashcards. All of our phase 5 phonics resources are aligned with the DfE Letters and Sounds framework.

Phase 5 alternative pronunciation resources

One of the trickiest things to teach children in phase 5 is the alternative pronunciation of graphemes that children already know. Use our alternative pronunciation resources to help children get to grips with the new ways to pronounce graphemes in order to help with their reading fluency.

What are the phase 5 phonic sounds?

Children entering phase 5 are able to read and spell words containing adjacent consonants and some polysyllabic words.

The purpose of this phase is for children to broaden their knowledge of graphemes and phonemes for use in reading and spelling. They will learn new graphemes and alternative pronunciations for these and graphemes they already know.

The phonic sounds in phase 5 are: ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue, aw, wh, ph, ew, oe, au, a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u-e. 

What are phase 5 split digraphs?

A split digraph is a digraph that is split by a consonant. The effect of this is that the first vowel in the digraph is elongated, for example with word p-i-n-e, the i sound is elongated as the vowel is split by the n. Compare it to the word ‘pin’ and you’ll see how it works. Use our phase 5 split digraph resources to help teach this concept, using our split digraph flashcards, that come alongside a handy mnemonic. Our split digraph worksheet is another handy resource to help teach the concept of phase 5 split digraphs.

What are the phase 5 tricky words?

The phase 5 tricky words are: oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked and could. Help children learn tricky words with our phase 5 tricky words jigsaw, ideal in provision areas, or as part of your phonics provision areas.

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