Tricky Words Hodgepodge Hedgehogs | Phonics Family Range

Tricky Words Hodgepodge Hedgehogs | Phonics Family Range

Help children get to grips with tricky words from phase 2, phase 3, phase 4 and phase 5 using this Tricky Words Hodgepodge Hedgehogs | Phonics Family Range. A great way to help children learn tricky words in a play-based, activity-led way.

We’ve been working with the lovely Katie from Phonics Family to develop a whole new range of phonics resources that add a multi-sensory, activity-based element to phonics learning. Perfect for phonics intervention groups, during phonics sessions and for home learning, children will love these phonics activities!

Suitable for ages 4-6.

How to use

– Print, cut and laminate the hedgehogs.

– Write the letters to spell the tricky words onto clothes pegs. One peg for each letter.

– Unscramble the letters on a hedgehog to spell a tricky word.

– Find the corresponding pegs to spell the word correctly and clip them onto the hedgehog in the correct order to give them some spines.

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