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the greatest showman resources

I was sitting on a flight recently and had the chance to watch “The Greatest Showman” for the very first time. I find watching films quite difficult as I can’t seem to bear any suspense whatsoever, and this film was no exception, but I stuck with it as I knew it had a really powerful message and was worth the suspense. If anyone hasn’t seen The Greatest Showman yet, first of all, you really should, and secondly, it has a really amazing message about perseverance, grit, determination, inclusion, celebrating our uniqueness (and sameness) and much more. Straight away I thought – this is perfect for the classroom, as surely these are all values that we want to pass onto our children? So with that in mind, we’ve made some already SUPER POPULAR The Greatest Showman classroom resources just for you! Just a note, these resources took many many (wo)man hours to design and create, so they are part of our very good value £9.95 for 12 month Premium subscription. If you’d like to support our work by signing up and get hold of these unique resources, sign up here.  Here’s our advice for a perfect The Greatest Showman classroom!

Get your tray labels sorted! Use The Greatest Showman Tray Labels, laminate and stick onto each tray. That way children can be independent and get the equipment they need as and when they need it.

the greatest showman tray labels

For your class wall, our The Greatest Showman Welcome Display Banner is ideal – celebrate each child with an all about me activity, read more below!

The Greatest Showman Welcome Display Banners

Get your bunting up! Now we’ve got a few different choices for you, you can either choose The Greatest Showman 0-20 Bunting (also available in pre-cursive) or plain The Greatest Showman bunting just for pure decoration purposes. We like both!

The greatest showman display bunting

These The Greatest Showman Inspirational Posters are perfect for every classroom wall – and so popular too! Print one at 50% and pop in a Tolsby Frame for your own home as well! Super easy decor idea.

greatest showman tolsby frame poster

This Greatest Showman Craft Idea is perfect for any time of year – but especially at transition time. Inspire kids to remember what’s special and unique about themselves, THIS IS ME!

the greatest showman craft idea

If you’re looking for something editable, then our Greatest Showman Registration Pack is right up your street! Take a look at our editable labels!

the greatest showman editable tray labels

And lots more besides! To see the rest of our Greatest Showman Classroom resources, take a look here.

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