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Hi – I’m Heather, Founder Of Mrs Mactivity. I Really Love Owls And I’m A Qualified Teacher (And Unqualified Parent Of 3)

Mrs Mactivity founder

I set up Mrs Mactivity as I wanted to help other teachers and parents who are now in the same position I was once in – searching for resources on websites where it’s so difficult to find things, or spending hours making my own. I wanted to create a website where genuinely useful learning activities – not boring worksheets – were accessible to all for a low cost. I take a huge pride in what we do – if it’s not useful AND beautiful, it doesn’t get through.We’ve grown to a community of many thousands in a short space of time and teachers and parents genuinely seem to love what we do. If you’ve got any questions, read the FAQ at the bottom of this page, and explore our member benefits too.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is  Membership?

We have an introductory membership offer £19.97 per year – this is NOT a per month charge, £19.97 is the total cost. We want to keep the membership cost as low as possible to make Mrs Mactivity accessible to everyone.

Why Is The Membership So Affordable?

We’re teachers so we’ve been there, done that. We know how much you already spend of your own money on things for school, so we don’t want to add to that burden. We think other resource sites are sometimes unnecessarily expensive, and we want to challenge that. We also want to make this website accessible for non teachers such as parents and childminders and know that they already have significant costs.

Is this a subscription service?

Everyone who signs up to Mrs Mactivity after 14th July 2019 will be enrolled in a recurring subscription where payment will automatically be taken 12 months after the account has been created. Of course this can be cancelled at any time, just get in touch. If you are part of the recurring system process, then you will be able to "lock" that price unless you cancel the recurring payments, even if prices rise - for as long as you like!

Who Is Mrs Mactivity Suitable For?

Mrs Mactivity is suitable for children between the ages of 3-11. Teachers, teaching assistants, parents, childminders, home educators, tutors and more are all happily using Mrs Mactivity already.

Are Some Activities Available For Free?

We offer a free resource pack so you can get a taste for what we do, it's available here.

What Kind Of Activities Do You Have At Mrs Mactivity?

All kinds! We’re not fans of worksheets, though we know they sometimes have their place, so we try to keep our activities really hands on and practical as we think children learn more when they’re really engaged. We have phonics, science, maths, English and much more! As well as our really popular display resources too.

Sounds Great! How Can I Sign Up?

Simply sign up here giving you instant access!

How Do I Pay For My Membership?

You can pay for a membership via either PayPal or credit card.

Can I Cancel If You Don’t Have What I Need?

We’d love to hear from you first, but if you feel sure we don’t have what you need, we operate a 30 day money back guarantee, but only if you haven’t downloaded more than 10 resources. Contact us if you’d like a refund at hello@mrsmactivity.co.uk.

Can I Sign Up As A School Or Organisation?

Yes! You can contact us about this on hello@mrsmactivity.co.uk and we will send you further details.

"Absolutely love all the resources I have downloaded and can’t wait for Year 1 to use the resources! Really friendly and creative. Thank you!"

Kirsten Marie
Kirsten Marie KS1 Teacher

Laura Linklater, KS1 teacher says, “Next year I won’t be renewing my other resource site subscriptions and I’ll be fully on Mrs Mactivity as we love it. I like that there are black and white as well as colour versions of everything and the activities are the best I’ve seen anywhere. Don’t wait, just sign up to Premium – you won’t regret it!

Laura Linklater
Laura Linklater KS1 Teacher

"Lovely resources - my children have enjoyed them very much so far. The social story resources were really good for my son who has Aspergers. Thank you!"

Elizabeth Kirby
Elizabeth Kirby Parent

“Mrs Mactivity printable activities are great for engaging children of all ages and abilities, and cover a huge range of topics and curriculum areas! The site is packed with ideas and teacher resources, and the printables are a great support to teachers, homeschoolers, parents and clubs. The one-stop-shop for fun, printable learning resources!”

Laura Hutchinson
Laura Hutchinson Learning Resources UK




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