Year 3 Autumn Block 1

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Explore our year 3 pdf maths worksheets for UK children – though works with lots of other curriculums too. Ideal for the KS2 maths syllabus. These year 3 maths questions are designed to specifically engage learners and have been created with KS2 children in mind, with bright, hand-drawn age-appropriate designs, all aimed at improving maths fluency and in line with the year 3 maths mastery approach to learning. Use our printable year 3 maths worksheets with children aged 7-8 to help them develop maths fluency and problem solving skills, including questions on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, shapes and  more.  A huge supply of year 3 maths worksheets and activity cards, year 3 lesson presentations, year 3 maths assessments and more.

Year 3 printable maths worksheets pdf

Why reinvent the wheel by creating your own year 3 maths worksheets? Use our tried and tested ideas and maths mastery resources that work together perfectly to give you a complete maths lesson. Explore our year 3 Autumn place value resources, designed by maths subject specialists and aligned with the maths mastery approach. Included are year 3 place value worksheets, year 3 place value lesson presentations, year 3 maths place value lesson plans, assessments, revision mats and much more, all designed to save you time and help you teach maths with confidence.

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