Rhyme Town Week 7

Rhyme Town Week 7

Rhyme Town Week 7

Pre-reading and pre-writing scheme of work

Rhyme Town is a fully planned 14-week pre-reading & pre-writing scheme for Nursery and Reception aged children.

Each week, you can find a Rhyme Town lesson pack containing lesson plans, a weekly presentation, and all accompanying resources.  This scheme is designed to be delivered by both newly qualified and experienced teachers and practitioners and explains everything step-by-step to give you confidence.

Rhyme Town has been specifically created to engage children and introduce phase 1 phonics and mark making in a contextualised way, reducing cognitive load. The scheme also introduces over 8 nursery rhymes, many of which we have sung and recorded ourselves.

Rhyme Town can be delivered as a whole class, or in small groups – whatever works best for your setting –  and can also be used as an intervention scheme for older children who need extra support with phase 1 and readiness to write. Although there are 5 lesson plans per week, these can be delivered at any time to suit you, and don’t all need to be done in one week. 

The scheme lasts for 14 weeks, but you can revisit and review the scheme throughout the whole year.

If you have any issues downloading and opening this zip file, please right click on the zip and select “extract all”. This will then allow you to navigate the file in the usual way. 

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