Year 6 Morning Starter PowerPoints Summer Set 7

Year 6 Morning Starter PowerPoints Summer Set 7

Year 6 Morning Starter PowerPoints Summer Set 7

Introducing the ideal way to kick-start your day! Make use of our Year 6 Morning Starter PowerPoints Summer Set 7, designed to help children settle in seamlessly upon their arrival at school and optimise their learning time. These slides are aligned with the National Curriculum for the summer term in year 6, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

They serve as an excellent activity to establish a calm atmosphere, whether employed as a warm-up task or as a closing activity at the end of each day. Engage the children by encouraging them to complete the challenges on whiteboards, in a designated “morning” book, or simply on paper!

Each set comprises five daily slides that can be displayed on your classroom’s whiteboard as the children enter. Each slide conveniently generates the current date and includes the following:

– Daily challenges to stimulate thinking.
– A writing task to enhance literacy skills.
– A math workout to strengthen numerical abilities.
– Dedicated time for spelling practice.
– A question to inquire about how they are feeling today.

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