Year 1 Spelling Scheme Phase 5 – Weeks 6-10

Year 1 Spelling Scheme Phase 5 - Weeks 6-10

Perfect year 1 spelling scheme, Year 1 Spelling Scheme Phase 5 – Weeks 6-10. We have put together the words that children in year 1 need to spell, that also goes alongside our Phase 5 Phonics Scheme. Teach these alongside the phonics plans and resources we have created, for a spelling and phonics scheme that work in perfect compliment!

This year 1 spelling pack contains:-

  • spelling table containing the words that need teaching for each week 6-10.
  • spelling practice sheets so that children can actually practice the spellings.
  • spelling table and practice words in one pdf.

Explore our year 1 phase 5 week 1-5 spelling pack here.

Explore our phase 5 phonics scheme here.

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