SPaG Scheme Year 2 Autumn Lesson 4: Use ‘When’ to Link Clauses in a Sentence

SPaG Scheme Year 2 Autumn Lesson 4: Use ‘When’ to Link Clauses in a Sentence

KS1 SPaG scheme of work

Spectacular SPaG is an exciting pick up and go SPaG scheme, using small steps, designed to save you time whilst making SPaG engaging and active. SPaG Scheme Year 2 Autumn Lesson 4: Use when to link clauses in a sentence is the fourth lesson in the Autumn term for year 2.

Each year group is split into three terms – Autumn, Spring and Summer. There are 10 lessons in the Autumn block of work, each of which focuses on a small step taken from the DfE’s English Appendix 2: Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation from the national curriculum.

Each lesson pack consists of:

  • SPaG engaging and interactive lesson presentation
  • SPaG differentiated worksheets
  • SPaG activity cards – for more of a hands-on approach.

The activity sheets focus more on practical activities and the worksheets apply the skills, often through writing. Each activity and worksheet is differentiated at two levels. The less challenging resources tend to use words from earlier phonics phases and often include visual prompts and scaffolding.

The Year 2 SPaG Autumn lesson plans can be found here, and also include ideas for additional or continuous provision activities.

The vocabulary used in the resources in this block is aligned with phonics phases 4 and 5. Sometimes the vocabulary is kept simple to allow the children to focus on the new concept that is being taught.

To make it easier to track progression, we’ve included the small step at the top of each worksheet. You can also find the Year 2 SPaG progression document here. No year groups are listed on the resources so you can use all resources with all ages. This resource comes as a zip file so if you have any trouble downloading, please right click and then select “extract all”. You should then be able to navigate the folder as normal.

Explore our Year 2 SPaG resources.

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