Phonics Scheme Phase 2 Week 6

Phonics Scheme Phase 2 Week 6

The last week of our phase 2 phonics scheme! This Phonics Scheme Phase 2 Week 6 pack contains everything you need to teach a whole week of phase 2 phonics to reception age children (age 4-5). Included in this pack is a whole range of phase 2 phonic resources that not only help you deliver this week’s phonics, but also contain activities and ideas for phonics intervention groups and more.

Our phase 2 phonics scheme is an activity-based phonics scheme with plenty of ideas for play and interaction that children love.

Included in this pack are:

  • phoneme frames
  • plans for Monday to Friday
  • phase 2 sound cards
  • phase 2 picture cards
  • phase 2 fishy phonics game
  • phase 2 sound mat

Explore the rest of our phase 2 phonics scheme here.

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