Phase 3 Digraph Rhyme Flashcards

Phase 3 Digraph Rhyme Flashcards

Phase 3 Digraph Rhymes

Phase 3 letter mnemonics

These Phase 3 Digraph Rhyme Flashcards help children remember the sound of each digraph by relating it to a familiar picture. The whimsical images hook children’s imagination whilst helping them to recall phonics learning at a later date. We have specifically created the sayings using only words that are phonetically decodable at phase 3 – as we think that makes the most sense!

As you’ll see, we have purposefully not used letters with lead-ins, as per the guidance in the 2021 DfE Reading Framework. As we’ve said, this works really well as a morning activity, or as part of your phonics lessons, or even for home learning.

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