Phase 2 Fishy Phonics Game

Perfect for children age 4-5, our Phase 2 Fishy Phonics Game has everything you need to teach children their phase 2 phonemes and phase 2 words. Using a rod made from twine, a craft stick and a small magnet, fish out the correct sound to make the words, then tick off each one you make.  Children can also play this game using the word cards instead, taking it in turns to pick each one up. Children will love this super duper game!


  • phase 2 sounds on fishes
  • phase 2 words in a ticklist
  • phase 2 word cards.
  • fishing mat in case you don’t have a bowl

This game is great for teaching phase 2 sounds and words, and also good for turn taking skills, fine motor skills, concentrating, hand-eye co-ordination and more!

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