Free Mother’s Day Teapot Craft Template

Free Mother’s Day Teapot Craft Template

Mother's Day teapot craft template

Free Mother’s Day cards and crafts

Fancy something new for Mother’s Day this year? Try our Free Mother’s Day Teapot Craft Template! Follow the instructions below to make a super easy Mother’s Day craft card with a teapot design. A great teapot template for Mother’s Day.

  1. Print our template onto card – coloured card works best.
  2. Cut out the teapot template if you wish, or you could leave it as it is – the choice is yours.
  3. Using a paper plate, cut out a wedge just big enough to hold a teabag. If you are using a teabag holder you will need to make the wedge slightly bigger than if you are using a loose teabag.
  4. Paint or colour the wedge of paper plate whichever colour you prefer. Then stick the edges onto the teapot template. Make sure you leave enough space for the teabag to comfortably sit in.
  5. Add a message which incorporates the words TEA-riffic. Add sparkles, glitter and additional colour if you wish.
  6. When everything is dry, insert your teabag and you’re done!
  7. For an added flourish, add some ribbon on the top so it becomes a hanging decoration.

This teapot template works perfectly with our Mother’s Day Teabag Holders – just pop a circular teabag inside the holder and slot it onto your teapot craft!

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