Mother's Day

Mother’s Day card templates, Mother’s Day crafts, Mother’s Day worksheets

Celebrate Mother’s Day and save time with our range of Mother’s Day crafts, worksheets and activities designed for EYFS and KS1 children. Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent, which is the period of approximately six weeks leading up to Easter. The date of Mother’s Day can therefore fall between March 22 and April 25. On this day, people typically give gifts and cards to their mothers to show appreciation and gratitude for their love and care.  Mothering Sunday originally served as a day for people to visit their “mother church”, which was the main church in the area where they were baptized. Over time, it became a day for children to honour and give gifts to their mothers. It is also a day to give respect to mother figures in life as a grandmother, step-mother or mother in-law.

Explore our collection of Mother’s Day activity sheets, resources and crafts which are ideal for both EYFS and KS1 children to create. Our Mother’s Day range includes a selection of Mother’s Day colouring sheets, Mother’s Day crafts and gifts and Mother’s Day templates to help children show their mums, or mother figure how important and special they are to them.

As a teacher, you can use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to engage your children in meaningful learning experiences that celebrate the mothers or mother figures in their lives. There are many creative and fun ways to integrate Mother’s Day themes into your lessons including activities such as writing cards or letters to mothers, making Mother’s Day crafts, and even studying the history of the day itself.

Each of our Mother’s Day resources has been tried and tested by qualified teachers and aims to save you time when preparing for lessons, all aligned with the national curriculum.

Mother’s Day craft ideas EYFS KS1

Everyone loves a cup of tea, and our Mother’s Day teapot craft activity is so easy to make. Insert a teabag inside for a complete gift! You can also download and print these Mother’s Day bookmarks for children to decorate, either with eco-friendly glitter, paint, coloured pencils or felt tips.

Encourage children to create their own Mother’s Day baskets, using our Mother’s Day basket craft template, fill with shredded paper and some small gifts such as chocolates or treats.  These Mother’s Day teabag holder templates are also super easy to prepare, and can be created very easily by children and decorated and personalised themselves.

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