Magic Brushing Teeth Template – Phonics Family Range

Magic Brushing Teeth Template - Phonics Family Range

Another brilliant activity from Phonics Family that combines oral health with phonics – or anything you’d like, there are so many uses for this resource. This Magic Brushing Teeth Template – Phonics Family Range is ideal for helping children to understand good oral health whilst learning how to read and spell new words. Use as part of your oral health topic in EYFS in your continuous provision area.

We’ve been working with the lovely Katie from Phonics Family to develop a whole new range of phonics resources that add a multi-sensory, activity-based element to phonics learning. Perfect for phonics intervention groups, during phonics sessions and for home learning, children will love these phase 3 phonics activities!

Suitable for ages 4-6.

How to use 

– Laminate the teeth resource and then write the words/sounds you’re working on onto the teeth with a whiteboard pen.

– Children can brush away the writing with a toothbrush after reading each word.

Example words: hand, clean, gum, white, tooth, back, soak, scrub, teeth, brush, time, lip, 


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