EYFS Baseline Assessment 2022

EYFS Baseline Assessment 2022

EYFS new baseline assessment

If you are an early adopter of the new EYFS statutory framework, or changing over to it in 2021, then our EYFS Baseline Assessment 2022 will be very useful to you. Created in line with the requirements of the new framework, we have created a nice and easy to complete assessment grid with the new areas of the EYFS.

The EYFS baseline assessment is used when children start school in Reception to find out the child’s level of attainment to best enable the teacher or practitioner to plan their progress. This assessment is not done formally, but through observations whilst the child is at play or during adult-led activities. The child would not be aware in any way that they are being assessed.

There is a standard PDF version, and an editable version that you can type straight onto. The files come in a zip pack, so it might be best to download them on a computer rather than a mobile device.

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