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KS1 & KS2 Minecraft classroom and teaching resources

Explore our range of top Minecraft teaching ideas, worksheets, activities and more! Perfect for home education, home schooling and classroom activities, to motivate and inspire Minecraft fans! If you’re using these at home, they’re great for holiday time, or for when children just feel bored at weekends, perhaps on a rainy day, or a snow day. Children will really enjoy delving into the world of Minecraft in a way that will help them with the game itself, and actually teach them something that they can then go and use in practice.

Minecraft teaching ideas

Use our Minecraft building block template as part of a 3D shape investigation, perhaps figuring out how many you can stack all in one go – or what you can build out of them. Ideal for both maths and arts and crafts. You can also create a great Minecraft display area with our Minecraft decoration display pack, ideal for either class or home use – to really bring everything together. Also great for decorating bedrooms!

Minecraft maths ideas

These Minecraft addition worksheets are great for learners who are new to algebra, but love Minecraft – to help using objects for addition make sense. These are just the ticket for children aged 5-7. For slightly older children, we have this trickier Minecraft addition activity, again using the concept of an object to represent a number. If you’re working on times tables, these Minecraft times tables worksheets are great for inspiring children to learn their multiplication facts in a fun and engaging way.

Minecraft writing activities

If you’re looking for a fun and easy Minecraft writing activity, these Minecraft writing prompts are time-saving and really popular with children for inspiring brilliant pieces of writing. You could also ask children to write a Minecraft newspaper report using our newspaper report template. For something more freestyle, try our Minecraft writing frames, these could be used to record actions in Minecraft, write lines of code, write a poem, or talk about some of the Minecraft characters.

Minecraft reading resources

The icing on the cake of our Minecraft resources, is our Minecraft reading comprehension activity, which was co-written by an avid 10 year old Minecraft fan – who is a true Minecraft expert! There are interesting details on this Minecraft reading activity that children will love to read about, and that will also stimulate discussion and conversation around some previously unknown Minecraft facts, and ideas to help children’s game playing. To really create additional challenge, try our Minecraft expert level in game challenge cards – these are also written by a 10 year old Minecraft expert, and include challenges that children can engage with whilst playing the game – a great excuse for reading. Brilliant for developing coding skills!

If you’ve a Minecraft AND lego fan, try our Minecraft lego challenge cards to help children think of ideas to create Minecraft scenes with lego blocks.


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