EYFS Maths Spring Block 3

Reception maths resources, maths mastery, slides, worksheet and activities

In the spring term of Reception children delve into foundational concepts while embracing new skills. Including:

1. **Number and Counting**: Delving deeper into numbers up to 10 and beyond, mastering counting techniques, numeral recognition, and grasping the concept of one more and one less. They may also begin to venture into numbers up to 20.

2. **Addition and Subtraction**: Dipping their toes into basic addition and subtraction through interactive activities and games. This might involve grouping and separating objects, using visual aids to represent mathematical operations, and starting with simple number equations.

3. **Shape and Space**: Continuing their journey with 2D shapes, understanding their characteristics, and experimenting with combinations. They’ll also start acquainting themselves with 3D shapes and their names.

4. **Measurement**: Getting hands-on experience with basic measurements like length, height, weight, and capacity using everyday objects as reference points (e.g., cubes, hands, footsteps).

5. **Patterns and Sequences**: Engaging in recognizing, constructing, and extending patterns and sequences using diverse elements such as objects, shapes, colours, and numbers.

6. **Problem-solving and Reasoning**: Tackling mathematical challenges to hone their critical thinking and reasoning skills. This may involve solving numerical puzzles, grappling with simple math problems, and embracing various challenges.

7. **Mathematical Language**: Enhancing their mathematical vocabulary through lively discussions, immersive stories, and real-world scenarios. They’ll start understanding and employing terms like more, less, equal, longer, shorter, heavier, lighter, and so forth.

8. **Outdoor Learning**: Taking their learning beyond the classroom, they’ll immerse themselves in the natural world to explore mathematical concepts. This might entail counting natural objects, measuring distances, and identifying shapes and patterns in their surroundings.

Throughout the spring term, the emphasis is on consolidating existing knowledge while broadening their mathematical horizons through interactive, hands-on activities and experiences.

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