Our Book!

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Learn to read the easy way - by Heather McAvan

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we have written a book – Learn to Read the Easy Way. Helping your child to read at home can be a bit of a challenge, so we’ve come up with 60 easy and low-prep activities that you can do to help your child with their reading at home.

This book is perfect for children in any stage of their reading journey, whether they’ve had some practice or are just beginning. Activities start with the basics and work up from there so kids can gradually build upon each new skill. And with each chapter  incorporating the toys, games and art projects children love, they’ll spend the afternoon playing, nearly forgetting they’re learning one of life’s most important skills. Help your child practise letter sounds with fun Bubble Wrap! Pop a few bubbles and see if they can pronounce the letters underneath. Graduate to spelling games and compete head-to-head in a round of word dominoes. Hone their reading skills with a game of Twister! Get the whole family involved and laugh the day away as you challenge each other to read out the words on each dot. With activities that are hands-on and engaging, children will have a blast while learning a life-long skill.

New Rhyme Town lesson packs! More coming soon.