Year 2 Common Exception Words Assessment

Year 2 Common Exception Words Assessment

common exception word spelling test

Year 2 common exception word assessment resources

Use our Year 2 Common Exception Words Assessment as a spelling test for year 2 pupils to test their understanding of common exception words. This list is taken from the National Curriculum and consists of all the words that children should be able to read and spell by the end of year 2. Works really well as a class spelling test, or as as self assessment tool that children can use independently. Once a child can read each word, put a tick in the “R” box, and once they can write the word, but a tick in the “W” box. Use alongside our year 2 common exception words handwriting practice sheet to help children practice any words they get wrong.

What are common exception words?

Common exception words are words that are not spelt in the usual way, they are exceptions to the usual spellings rules that a child knows at that point. They are ‘common’ in that they appear frequently in books and texts, and are encountered regularly by readers.

Take a look at the rest of our Common Exception Word resources here.

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