Year 1 | Wholes and Parts 2 Lesson Presentation

Year 1 | Wholes and Parts 2 Lesson Presentation

Year 1 | Wholes and Parts 2 Lesson Presentation

Year 1 addition and subtraction resources 

This lesson introduces the children to the use of the terms whole and parts to describe splitting a whole group of objects.

Aligned with the maths mastery approach, this Year 1 | Wholes and Parts 2 Lesson Presentation is fully editable, and is designed for the Year 1 maths curriculum to cover the following curriculum objectives:

The part whole model is not yet introduced as the lesson focuses on the language and the actual splitting of the whole.

Topic/Block: Addition and Subtraction

Small Steps: Part whole (groups of objects)

NC Links: Solve one step problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations and missing number problems. 

*Note this lesson is the prior learning to teaching about addition and subtraction, but the children will be adding and subtracting whilst forming parts and wholes.

Ready-to-progress criteria:  Previous experience: Understand the cardinal value of number words. Subitise for up to 5 items.

1AS-1 Compose numbers to 10 from 2 parts and partition numbers to 10 into parts

Aligned with the order of teaching of the maths mastery approach, use this to help your pupils get to grips with each mathematical concept. This lesson presentation also includes varied fluency activities, problem solving, and mathematical discussion questions too.

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