Valentine’s Day Provision Topic Pack – Miss LVT’s Range

Valentine’s Day Provision Topic Pack – Miss LVT’s Range

Valentine's Day Provision Topic Pack - Miss LVT's Range

Valentine’s Day Provision EYFS resources and ideas

A collaboration with Miss LVT, Early Years leader. This Valentine’s Day Provision Topic Pack – Miss LVT’s Range contains a huge range of weekly provision plans and ideas complete with tuff tray set up photos, adult-led teaching opportunities for each area of the EYFS, recommended books, activity sheets, key questions, differentiation and more, covering all areas of the EYFS.

Valentine’s Day is a great theme based around a celebration – and what’s better than promoting love hey!? It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase the idea that love is everywhere and can be between anyone – exposing children to family structures and blended families that may be different, or similar, to their own. It’s also a nice theme to think about how children can love themselves, be proud of who they are and develop a strong mindset. This provision pack for EYFS includes:

  • maths activity
  • fine motor skills activity
  • creative activity
  • literacy activity
  • loose parts activity
  • and much more!

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