Tens and Ones up to 50 Loop Game

Tens and Ones up to 50 Loop Game

Help children with their understanding of place value with this Tens and Ones up to 50 Loop Game. Great for provision or as a plenary at the end of your maths lessons. Part of our Shelley’s Showstoppers range!

How to play

– Children to be given out the cards (one each or more depending on how many children are playing)
– Start with any card
– The first child will only read the right hand side of the card.
– The rest of the children need to listen to what is being asked.
– The children will be listening for the left side of their card – for example Who has 3 tens and 6 ones?
– The child with 36 would shout out ‘I have 36’ ‘Who has 2 tens and 3 ones’ etc.
– The game continues until every card is turned over and the child who started is the final person who will say ‘I have _____’.

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